Duke Bridges


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Bridges Game Night-

Saturday  Mar. 17 



Brodhead Center/ West Union 068


Come join us for games, food, and fun!  Learn a new game.  Meet new people.  Have a ton of fun!  Snacks and a light dinner are provided.

Email here to RSVP

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Is Death Final?

Death is inevitable. Throughout centuries, people have considered what might happen after death.

Will we disappear into nothingness? Or is there something more? Is there historical evidence?

What can the story of Jesus tell us?

Come hear a talk, spoken word poetry, personal stories/experiences, Q&A discussion/panel - with Duke voices from Egypt, China, Columbia, USA, and India sharing their views

Light refreshments will be provided.  

Thursday April 5 5:30-7:30pm Student Wellness Center 148

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Bridges Connection-A Weekly Gathering For Int'l Students

Every Friday @4:30pm-Brodhead/West Union-Chaplin Family Room 


Join us each week for a time of connection and fun...

We gather each Friday for Bridges Connection. This is a gathering of international students and American friends. It is a safe space for international students to have a time to relax, have fun, learn new things, make new friends, try new foods, and enjoy great conversations.